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In order to achieve the purpose of the Society, we conduct the following activities.

(1)We will conduct demonstration and research on not only the efficacy but also efficiency and provide know-how on agricultural productions for improving farm management by using ICT.

(2)By performing study and research on methods of farm guidance, we will be able to conduct an efficient and effective guidance.

(3)We will hold workshops, training sessions, symposiums, both domestically and overseas in order to provide outcome of demonstration and research to farmers, advisors and the other people concerned with the agriculture areas where we can exchange and share information.

(4)We will exchange and share outcome information of experimentation, research, and other information using ICT in agricultural fields at home and abroad by establishing a global ICT research and utilization network on the Internet.

(5)We will release outcome information such as experimentation, research, and others by issuing PR magazines. In the case of Japanese articles, they should have abstracts in English and vice versa for the English articles.


Research Society of ICT usage for Agriculture : ReSIA